A la Carte menu

This is a menu I propose according to the customer's desires,
preparation and service times, where I describe each single moment
of my experience with a future-oriented approach.


White asparagus from Bassano, cream with duck egg, puff pastry with Parmigiano Reggiano and charcoal € 12,00
Grilled sea scallops, vanilla, liquid salad with lemongrass € 16,00
Lukewarm "Regina dei Sibillini" spaghetti in troutlet soup with its eggs and Kikuna leaves € 11,00
7 flavour tartare of Fassona meat in Lavosh crust, poached egg and fine black truffle € 18,00
First courses  
Raviolo in pastry with basil, burrata and candied green tomatoes, chicory sprout marinated
with chestnut honey and winter black truffle
€ 16,00
Fresh "chitarra" spaghetti (pasta guitar), carrot cream with ginger and pumpkin seeds € 14,00
Small potato gnocchi, mussels with camomille brew, spinach and radish € 14,00
Risotto with Carnaroli rice “San Massimo” with 5/4 seafood... € 18,00
Fish and meat second courses  
The king of salmon… (Upstream), fava beans, fresh peas, almond milk cream and cashews € 22,00
Slice of roasted Skrei cod in soft version with plankton, portulaca and fermented lemon € 22,00
Saddle of local rabbit with butter from mountain pasture, fennel cream, chard roulade with truffle € 20,00
Deer loin with pink sauce, sweet potato, apple, honey mushrooms, and cooking liquid with pomegranate € 24,00


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