Tasting menu

Get ready to try different tastes... consistencies and combinations,
always paying attention to raw materials.
The tasting menu perfectly embodies my best idea of  “culinary path”.

Gold seekers
Shrimp and carrot, seeking gold…

All in a glass
Lobster bisque, raw seafood and young peas

Raviolo in pastry with basil, burrata and candied green tomatoes
chicory sprout marinated with chestnut honey and winter black truffle

Green mountains
Slice of roasted Skrei cod
in soft version with plankton and mussels with camomile

Sweet wandering to the mountains
Deer loin with pink sauce, sweet potato, apple, honey mushrooms
and cooking liquid with pomegranate

Crazy egg!
White peach soufflé with its sauce

€ 55,00
Wine is not included

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